Como fazer uma campanha de Crowdfunding na eSolidar

How to set up a Crowdfunding Campaign at eSolidar

Nonprofits can set up crowdfunding campaigns at eSolidar. This method is becoming increasingly popular to raise funds and develop projects or social causes.

Crowdfunding has lower costs and is faster and easier to share with the public than other traditional fundraising methods. 

Step 1: Register your Nonprofit at eSolidar

Only Nonprofits registered at eSolidar can create crowdfunding campaigns.

If your Nonprofit is not registered, you can do it here 

Step 2: Create your crowdfunding campaign

Log into your eSolidar account and click on New Campaign in the Crowdfunding Campaigns menu. Then, fill in all the information required, including the campaign name, a description, the fundraising goal, images, and when it should start and end.

Don’t forget to include in the description all the details about why you are fundraising, how you will use the amount raised, and information about your Nonprofit and the work you do to raise public awareness on the importance of helping and making a donation.

Step 3: Wait for our team to process it

Our team will analyze the crowdfunding campaign you have submitted. If everything is correct, it will be approved.

If any changes are necessary, we will notify your Nonprofit by email to alter the information.

Step 4: The crowdfunding campaign goes online

Once our team approves the crowdfunding campaign, it goes online and is ready to receive donations.

It is now time to promote the campaign to your contacts, so you can reach your goal rapidly.

Don’t forget to share the campaign link on your Nonprofit social networks and promote the campaign through Facebook and Instagram ads, and other relevant media for even more chances of success.  

Step 5: Payments

The payment methods we have available to donate on the campaign are credit card, PayPal, and digital currencies.

eSolidar will first receive the amount raised with the campaign and will later transfer it to your Nonprofit at the end of the campaign. You will have access to the list of campaign donors and the amounts they have donated at eSolidar’s platform.

Step 6: Rewards

Your Nonprofit can establish rewards for donations on your crowdfunding campaign.

To give back to your supporters, select Reward and then explain what you will offer and the donation amounts required to receive it on the Reward Description field.

Example: For each 100 dollars donation, you will receive a personalized notepad; For each donation above 500 dollars, you will receive a T-shirt with the organization’s logo.

Step 7: End the crowdfunding campaign

As soon as the crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, eSolidar will transfer the amount raised to the Nonprofit’s bank account without the eSolidar service and payment methods fees (8%).

Keep in mind that the eSolidar service fee is 5%, and the payment methods fee is 3%.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If your campaign does not reach 100% of your fundraising goal, you will still receive the amount raised.

eSolidar will transfer the amount raised to the bank account stated on the Nonprofit’s profile 30 days after the end of the campaign.

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